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2014/07/25: Summer Oneman Tour “CRISIS CORE” at Hiroshima Cave-Be

2014/07/25: Summer Oneman Tour “CRISIS CORE” at Hiroshima Cave-Be

I don't know if it's a good idea but maybe a fan art tag would be nice, too? And those who like can suggest their fanarts (pictures, fanfics, song covers?? life size statues) to you, maybe via ask, and if you decide to feature them, you reblog them? It's just a suggestion but maybe it would make the blog even more interactive and inspire the fan community. Though if you think it has nothing to do with a support blog, because being mainly about infos, then that's totally fine I think. :)
said Anonymous

In general it is a good idea and I’m sure there are blogs that reblog fanart and things like that but as for royz-yade we decided to focus on information. In the end there’s still the royz-tag where you can find fanart ^^
But thank you for your input!

Twitter Account

A few weeks ago we opened our royz-yade twitter account! If you prefer getting updates via twitter feel free to follow us there ^_^
But keep in mind that our twitter acc will mainly keep you updated on translations. Posts with nothing but pictures won’t be posted on our twitter acc because you can only see “Photo” written anyway and considering the amount of pics during tours it spams people’s timelines.

And one more update: We’re working on an “about"-tag, where you can find random information on the members, and a "cheki"-tag that includes only chekis.